VPS hosting, a virtual private server that is also called a VDS or a virtual dedicated server, is always a solution chosen by small or medium businesses. This is because it provides peer access to a dedicated server and is also an affordable shared hosting option for users.

VPS is actually an advanced generation of web hosting that revolves around splitting up a single computer to power multiple servers. The growth of virtualization technology has brought VPS hosting to the mainstream market as it is cost effective and also a highly reliable solution.

VPSs are designed to provide customers with a low-cost solution with high-level reliability and performance. VPS hosting can be considered as a bridge between a shared and a dedicated server, as it offers great flexibility at a very good price. Therefore, a VPS can be a solution for all your needs.

Incredible Value – It can provide you with tremendous value. VPN technology allows you to efficiently spread the costs of software, hardware, network connectivity and even maintenance and that too without affecting quality.

High-end security and protection: A VPS can guarantee a great security system than the shared security platform. The server comfortably works in an isolated environment, so it is always protected from security and stability issues created by other users.

Flexibility of use: Root access allows various add-on scripts or custom applications giving you the freedom to interact deeply with the server. In terms, you are allowed to develop any application using any
programming technologies that are installed on the server, ASP, PHP or Cold Fusion.

Great performance – This is once again a plus point for VPN hosting. It offers guaranteed system resources and provides you with a robust and scalable solution for your business.

VPS Hosting for Facebook Applications

You will also be surprised to know that VPS is also being used for Facebook application development. As all Facebook users know well, Facebook applications are widely used on the web and are among the most used web applications. Today, Facebook has a large population of Internet-savvy users and has a market with more than 500 million users in the world.

So all of this improves developers and since Facebook app development and launch is free, developers definitely require their own server for hosting. So at this stage, VPS or Virtual Private Servers can be a great option. VPS hosting is also a cost effective solution and its users can use this server as a dedicated server as in VPS functionality it is equivalent to having a dedicated private machine.

Advantages of VPS hosting

  1. You can easily install and configure various programs of your choice using root access. PHP and PostgreSQL can be run instead of MySQL. You can also try Zope/Plone.
  2. Unlimited websites can be hosted using Apache Virtual Hosts.
  3. Other services such as an FTP server, a mail server or any type of server you want can also be hosted.
  4. The server can be used for file storage, backup or any other task.

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