Mushrooms grow on logs and these logs can be prepared by you. Shiitake mushroom is easy for anyone to grow as it does not need soil of different layers and nutrition. They grow on logs. You can plan to grow a large number of Shiitake fruits and for this it is better to buy the logs. You will need 4 “diameter logs and the log should have the bark intact. Oak, poplar, alder, and the variety of maple are preferred woods. Hardwoods should be avoided. Conifers like spruce or cedar either they are good for nothing.When you have a 4 foot long log, it will be better to handle it and you will be able to put 10 to 12 plugs on it.

Online stores

There are different sites online where you can buy these Shiitake logs to grow your fruits on. You will have to find out how these logs are used to use them to grow the fruits. These fruits are widely grown and are surpassed by the more common button mushrooms. You can use Shiitake mushroom logs for these fruits so that you can grow certified organic sprouts. These can be used to create a commercial operation if you have some space for the hardwood logs and a shady place to store these logs for good production. You just need to get a referral from any friend who grows these mushrooms and go to the site to buy the logs for sale.

Stores with guidance and instructions.

These stores will have logs containing a substrate that is inoculated with seed for proper growth. These deposits usually have mycelium to colonize the substrate. The mycelium will be stored in bags and will be used until the substrate is completely colonized. The store will send you the mushroom logs for sale so that you can harvest your harvest within 10-12 days. You can grow fresh fruits and sell them at the right outlets. Often times, online stores will give you instructions to grow the fruits and save time for harvesting your crop. The logs are of high performance and stable quality. They will also have a high conversion rate.

Mushroom log farms

There are farms that will have oaks, hornbeams, sweet gum, and ironwood as a base for growing mushrooms. These farms will sell you the hardwood tree trunks and you can start growing the fruits on them. The trees are cut down after the leaves turn brown and the sap migrates downward to function as antifreeze. These farms often also source the logs from firewood suppliers or farmers. They stack the logs in their warehouse in the proper shade. Logs that are kept loose are handled with care and are mostly kept covered with cloth.

Prepare a Shiitake log

You can start preparing a log to grow the mushrooms on them. These logs should be hardwood and should be inserted with dowels. These plugs will have the mycelium growing there. The trunks are drilled with holes so that the mycelium begins to colonize. They will soon become Shiitake sprouts for you to scoop out and sell. You need to pierce the logs for the plugs, and then hit them with a rubber mallet. Use beeswax to seal the plugs. Store the log in a shady location until ready for cultivation.

Grow your fruits

You can get the logs from any online store or from any farm. You can also prepare the records yourself. Whatever you do, you can keep the trunk in a shady place to get fruit all year round. Production will occur every few months and when the weather is cool and humid.

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