Who Should Wear a Front Closure Bra?

Many bra wearers have the mistaken impression that front closure bras offer less support. In fact, it’s the opposite!

If you struggle with reaching a rear hook-and-eye clasp or have shoulder mobility issues, a front closure bra can make getting dressed a breeze. Read on to discover the hidden benefits of this versatile bra type:.

Okay Trendy

A front closure bra is not only a great choice for women with limited dexterity or mobility issues but also anyone who prefers to put on their bras in a more comfortable manner. Putting on a bra with a rear clasp often requires twisted movements, reaching behind the back and then pulling the bra up to fasten the hook-and-eye in the front. In this scenario, the bra is not only uncomfortably tight but also has an awkward back appearance that could be embarrassing if you are wearing something with a high-neckline or deep V-neck.

A good quality Okay Trendy front closure bra can eliminate all of these problems with just a few front-clasps. Plus, these types of bras come in a wide array of styles such as soft leisure, T-shirt and racerback bras. In fact, you can find a number of fashionable colors and patterns like sassy polka dots, embossed leopard print and zig-zag weave pattern that will make any woman feel confident, chic and feminine.

Of course, the most important consideration when shopping for a front-closure bra is to make sure that it fits well. It is vital that you measure yourself or get fitted by a professional to ensure the best fit. Then, choose from a variety of different style options such as demi cups and underwire as well as snap, hook-and-eye or zipper closures to create a look that is both stylish and comfortable.

Great for Nursing Moms

For women who want to avoid the fussy, back-open hook and eye design that a nursing bra requires, front closure bras are a great alternative. To wear one, you simply slip your arms through the straps and fasten each front clasp in the center of your chest. Then, when you need to nurse, all you have to do is unfasten the front clasps and you can effortlessly lift each cup and latch on. Since these bras don’t have the hook-and-eye at the back, they also create a smoother silhouette in the back under low-cut and wide-neck tops.

Additionally, front-closure bras offer more variety in back designs — including racerback and t-back — than traditional back-close styles. And, because they don’t require a back gore, they work well with dresses and skirts.

The best front-closure bras are made with high-quality materials that support all types of bust sizes and shapes. Those with larger breasts will love wire-free options that are soft, stretchy, and comfortable for daily wear. And, those with smaller busts may gravitate toward soft padded bras that give them a boost. Additionally, those with wide-set or splayed breasts often find that front closure bras are especially flattering. This is because they close in the front and tend to have wider adjustable straps that help to distribute the weight of the breasts evenly across the shoulders and back.

Easy to Put On & Take Off

One of the best things about front closure bras is they’re super easy to put on and take off. Whether you’ve struggled to get the back hook-and-eye clasp to work or found yourself in the middle of some sort of funky struggle dance while trying to take off a pullover bra, front closure bras are an absolute game changer. They close right between the breasts, minimizing the amount of arm movement required and making dressing much easier for women with mobility issues.

In addition, the fastening of a front closure bra is also less likely to irritate the sternum than the hooks on a traditional back-closure bra. This can be particularly important for women who have wide-set breasts or soft breast tissue that’s easily irritated by the rough edge of traditional hooks.

When it comes to taking off a front closure bra, all you need to do is undo the front clasp and then remove each strap individually. It’s a simple, stress-free process that makes getting ready for the day or night so much quicker and more convenient. Plus, if you find the right fit with a front closure bra, it can be just as comfortable and supportive as a classic back-closure bra, so there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for ease of use.

Flattering & Comfortable

For those who like to dress in layers, a front closure bra is very versatile. It’s a great option under sheer tops and dresses as well as for day or night. This style is very flattering and comfortable, especially when a well-fitting bra is chosen for your bust size and shape.

Women who have wide-set breasts will appreciate how a front closure bra can pull their breast line inward for a more symmetrical, proportionate look. The narrower center panel of a front closure bra may cause a little forward spillage for larger busts, but there are plenty of options that can prevent this. If this is a concern for you, consider a lace-top cup or a padded bralette.

If you love the ease of a front closure bra, but need more versatility under trickier necklines, try a back clasp or racerback style. They’re also great under T-shirts and other sleeveless blouses.

If you’ve never tried a front closure bra, it’s time to give this versatile and comfortable style a chance. Find a pretty front-fastening bra from Leading Lady in a fun color or pattern, such as sassy polka dots, embossed leopard print or zig-zag weave, to add some excitement to your lingerie wardrobe. And remember to rotate your bras and store them flat or folded in your drawer to help them last longer.