If you are drinking diet soda, it is most likely because you want to lose weight and, most importantly, get rid of your love handles. By now, you should know that regular sodas can make your body eat too much sugar and therefore make your waistline grow longer. And sodas are extremely harmful to our health due to the fattening syrups and fructose that cause a lot of damage to our health.

However, you and many others think that diet sodas help you lose weight. Some say that these diet drinks do not have the damaging effect of the regular one. Some even consider it healthy.

For these people, we should clarify a few things. Diet soda is far from being considered a healthy drink. Actually, there were some studies that showed diet soda drinkers are even fatter than regular soda drinkers.

There are many reasons why diet sodas are worse than regular ones.

One of the reasons is the use of synthetic sweeteners. These sweeteners increase the production of a storage hormone that amplifies the need for more sugar right after drinking that diet soda.

Another reason is that people who drink diet beverages find that since they do not gain more weight from soda, they have the flexibility to eat more food. Therefore, they drink diet sodas, which actually makes them fat. And because of this false belief, they begin to eat more, which directly causes them to accumulate more calories.

That being said, if you want to have a healthy body, you should avoid consuming sodas even if they are diet or regular, except in those situations where you really can’t stay away from them. As long as you don’t drink soda, you have a good chance of staying healthy and not gaining weight.

You are probably wondering if there are alternatives to diet sodas.

Probably the best choice you can make is to consume plain water with lemon and also iced teas without any type of sweetener. There are a wide variety of teas that you can choose from. There is green, white or black tea. Drinking tea will increase the antioxidants in your body and therefore you will be healthier and begin to lose weight. Of course, if you like your tea to be a little sweet, there are some natural sweeteners you can use. One of them is called stevia and it is a very good sweetener.

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