Your boyfriend forgot to call you and you feel abandoned and hurt. Although it’s completely understandable to most women why you feel this way, men just don’t get it. Men view phone calls in a completely different way. If you react emotionally when he doesn’t call, he’s likely to label you a drama queen and create distance between the two of you. Either that or he will think you are desperate and that will instantly kill his attraction to you. There is a very simple way to handle the issue of phone calls with men. If you’re tired of waiting endlessly for your man to call you, do this and it will change the way you view phone calls from this day on.

If your boyfriend forgot to call you, ignore him. Your reaction is probably the opposite of this. You will probably seek him out and then tell him exactly how he makes you feel when he puts your needs aside. We have all been guilty of this. It is very natural to feel abandoned when the man you love forgets about you. However, if you explode with him, he will likely label you as unstable and overly emotional. You don’t want that to happen because once it happens, it is very difficult to change their opinion of you.

Men become complacent in relationships when they know their girlfriend loves them. They stop trying so hard to please her and one way to show it is through phone calls. If your guy was the type who kept calling you in the early days of your relationship and now that has stopped, he really got to the point where he knows that you will continue to adore him either way. It is common for men to become lazy and stop doing the things we want them to do. This is why it is so effective if you step back a bit and don’t call him all the time. This little action will show him that he still does not own your heart completely. He will realize that he needs to keep trying to make you happy. Creating just a little bit of distance is often the best way to win back a man’s attention and affection. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised how many more times a day he calls you when you stop calling.

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