It is inevitable, they say. You have all heard it too. “The only two things we can be sure of in life is that we will pay taxes and die.” I am not going to try to change what they have promised you, in terms of tax, which you will surely pay. You will have all of your tax bills to show that you have paid taxes.

However, what evidence does anyone have that we actually die? Let’s say that; as if you had your tax forms as evidence that you have paid taxes, somehow evidence could be found to prove that we did not die. No one can prove that we die, but no one can prove that we do not die. It really is a fascinating way of looking at what is probably the oldest question known to mankind.

I promised in my article to share with you some amazing and extraordinary things. So let’s move on to that. Remember when reading that no one has proven that we really die.

  1. Is there life after death?
  2. Do we meet our loved ones again?
  3. Is death just death and that’s it?
  4. Can we really communicate with the dead?
  5. Do we come back as something else?
  6. Where is the afterlife?
  7. Is there heaven or hell?
  8. Is it possible to see a ghost?
  9. Do they judge us?
  10. What really happens when we die?

Everything in the universe is energy. It is not possible for energy to die. It may become invisible, but it emits its energy forever, in whatever form it takes. Imagine water, for example, and the known life cycle of water. It can never go away. It is always present in some form. So life after death, yes or no? If life has always existed, that of course it has existed because life could not have come out of nowhere. My point is that life is energy. It can never cease to exist. The spirit within us is that energy, that life force. Without a doubt, there is life after death.

Many people, who have spoken medically at the time of death, without conscience or conscience, have returned to the operating table describing to nurses and doctors, very detailed descriptions of their loved ones who knew them and told them that they should return. Most fascinatingly, the “loved ones” seemed so much younger, happier, more vibrant, and different. But somehow the unconscious patient is able to recognize them and go back and describe them in fascinating detail.

Many say “death is death, once you are dead you are dead and that is all”. If we go back to the original source of life, it had to be there already. So this original life source was very much alive. That original source of life had to begin as life in the first place. Death is not death. There is no death. Life has always been and always will be.

Can we really communicate with the dead? Let’s ask in a more sensible way. If there is no death, can we communicate with those who are not with us in physical form, but who, as we have said, are still alive? Of course we can! There have been many thousands of cases of communication with those who have passed out of their physical form. Remember that there is much more evidence that death is not final and the evidence to show that there is a death is zero.

Do we come back as something else? It is clear to all of us that this world is like a school and is full of lessons that we tend to think we shouldn’t have to learn. After school comes college, after college comes college. We have the option to learn and grow spiritually in our own time. Do you have to go to college? We have the option of what we want to learn, when and where. Our life here is full of good and bad, rich and poor, bright and dark experiences. Without darkness there is no light. Without rain there is no rainbow.

Where is the afterlife? In fact, the spirit world is all around us. Spirit walks among us at all times. Countless people, including myself, have “heard” the voice of a loved one. Some doctors may disapprove of this depending on where you see your doctor. Others will be very surprised. When things are said in your ear that happen the next day, what else do you need to know? Some people smell the perfume of their loved ones or have shaved out of nowhere. The afterlife is here with us and it’s just a thought or a whisper away.

Heaven or hell? Because life is eternal, the progression of the soul is a divine law. Rather than seeing it as heaven or hell, it is better to classify it on a spiritual level. The millionaire with the mansion may have a very low spiritual rank, but he can still grow up and learn the most difficult lessons in life. The man without money may have built the most wonderful spiritual wisdom with his kindness and care. We are not separated into a heaven and a hell. We can all progress and learn anything. This progresses in our endless spiritual development.

Ghosts? A pile of garbage or for real? A ghost and a spirit are two different things. A ghost will continue to appear in human form. They are real and they are simply caught between this world and the next. They are often unable to rest due to a situation that has not been resolved. This is where we see frequent reports of apparitions. A good spirit medium will be able to help this soul to cross over to the other side. This is known as rescue work.

Do they judge us? There will not be a man at a golden door who tells you that it is judgment day and that you will be banished to the fires of hell with a chili as hot as you can eat in chains. However, it is expected to balance the books of all the good and bad deeds done. Yes, there is nothing that goes unnoticed, and you must remember that you are personally responsible for all of your actions. There will be many roles to play in this balance.

What really happens then when we die? Well, first of all, we don’t die! We never cease to exist in that eternal form of Spirit and energy. We are even Spirit right now. We will immediately have a sense of peace and love, when we get home from where we came, when we return to the Spirit. Some may take a little longer than others to cross, but our loved ones, including pets and animals, greet us. We come across a completely different perspective than the opinions we had here as a physical human being. We begin to realize where we need to progress and grow from the lessons we learned. There will be spiritual work for us and again this is something that helps our progression as eternal spirit beings.

What really happens when we die?

We continue to live, love, grow and progress eternally.

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