For some, Valentine’s Day is a business celebration, which works best for florists, chocolate factories, greeting card companies, and gift shops. Now that I think about it, those who are in a romantic relationship, whether experienced or still in its blossoming stage, enjoy celebrating it. They may hate the pressure to buy tokens of love for their loved ones, but that doesn’t stop them. For some, Valentine’s Day is a kind of test, showing the amount of love, compatibility and understanding that exists between the couple. Has either been paying attention to the other? Would you know what your Valentine would prefer?

However, choosing the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is quite a challenge. The wider the range of products, the greater the possibility of unsuccessful attempts to buy for your partner. You probably have some idea what to buy. Here is a list of the ten worst gifts you should not buy for ‘the’ universal day of love.

A bouquet of red roses: Most of the time, red roses are associated with love and sensuality. Now, they have become so old school and obvious that sometimes or never red roses are a part of it. Without a doubt, roses make an absolutely beautiful bouquet, whether with other flowers or alone. However, the idea of ​​giving or receiving them makes roses quite a predictable standard. She may have the best of intentions to please you with a colossal yet charming bouquet of roses. However, the recipient sees it as a last minute gift without a second thought. The last thing you want on Valentine’s Day is for the recipient to feel like you’re not paying attention. The day of love should be about only romantic and thoughtful gestures. If you want to combine flowers and gifts, present an exotic orchid or a dozen less expensive but less conventional flowers this time. Consider being monochrome. Select different flowers in your loved one’s favorite colors and receive them when they least expect it.

Chocolates: Like flowers, assorted chocolates have also lost their charm as Valentine’s Day gifts. They are equally obvious and thoughtless gift ideas, speaking of laziness. One crucial fact is that no one eats the whole box of chocolates and it goes to waste. Since the assorted chocolates are handpicked, they enjoy exclusivity and therefore deserve a little more respect than they receive. Unless the recipient is a staunch fan of chocolates, especially assorted ones, gifting chocolates isn’t so wise. If that’s not the case, get creative with the recipient’s favorite sweets / desserts (make them from scratch if needed).

False hope for women: it is a universal truth; women love jewelry. However, there is one gem, an engagement ring, that she eagerly anticipates. Therefore, it is not advisable to give a woman any jewelery, other than a ring, in a ring box. If you have been dating for some time and have no plans to get married soon, you should avoid it even more. It is cruel; she might be expecting you to ask her the question sooner. There are other ways to gift wrap small jewelry items, such as earrings, pendants, etc. in a more creative way.

Men’s Plush: If it’s a ‘No’ for jewelry in a ring box, a stuffed animal with a love message is a double ‘NO’. Even the most romantic man would not prefer it as a gift. Sure, they are cute and squishy, ​​and very childish. This is why stuffed toys are best limited to teenage love. Also, it is not as symbolic for one’s love nor is it something considerate. Although, a bit clichéd, it works all the time. A chronological watch or exclusive leather products are beautiful gifts for men.

Nightwear or Lingerie: If you’re wondering what’s wrong with giving your Valentine’s nightwear or sassy lingerie, the answer is: a lot of things. Something, as “romantic” as these gifts, is always more a pleasure for the one who gives it than for the one who receives it. If you’ve just started dating, lingerie shouldn’t even be on your gift list. Most couples have romantic fantasies. However, Valentine’s Day is not the ideal day to receive underwear, but also to please the couple. For some reason or another, many do not feel comfortable. Therefore, it is never okay to ‘force’ you to wear suggestive clothing just because it is passion day. Instead, take part in some naughty games for the couple, which the two of you will enjoy together.

Appliances: They make great housewarming gifts, but rotten romantic gifts. The last thing you want is to make a woman feel like she needs to be more tamed. Men, on the other hand, would put aside such a gift and never use it.

A Gift Card: If that is what you plan to give your partner this Valentine’s Day, it is better that you do not give him any gift. Gift cards are cold, unromantic, and just plain frustrating. If you are not sure which gifts to buy, seek the help of a close friend or family member. Better yet, you can shop for Valentine’s gifts online.

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