Do you want a solution to your baby’s constant screaming for painful gas caused by baby colic? Jini Patel Thompson could be your next best friend with her DVD with the strange name, Baby Fart Aerobics.

Why baby farts relieve colic crying
The name is ridiculous, yes. But the techniques detailed on the DVD are not. Jini Patel Thompson is an expert in the field of natural remedies for digestive disorders having written the books. Listen to your instinct and The IBD remission diet. She suffered from Crohn’s disease before finally healing herself by natural means.

Thompson herself is a survivor of baby colic. When you applied your knowledge of intestinal diseases to help your baby’s colic, you had the beginnings of your DVD. Thompson states that if you continue with the colic massage and core aerobic routine, in a few weeks, your baby should be colic free.

Should you believe him?


She believes that baby colic stems from trapped gas and feces in her baby’s intestines. Baby Fart Aerobics teaches you how to perform certain infant massage techniques and exercises designed to loosen the pelvis and intestines. Thompson thinks when her baby does the “aerobic” program; trapped gas and feces will break down and pass. No gas, no pain, no colic.

Thompson isn’t the only expert promoting colic massage and an aerobic routine to help relieve colic. Dr. Harvey Karp, Happiest baby on the block, details a baby massage routine that ends with the baby’s legs cycling and massaging the tummy to help the baby release gas or poop.

Additionally, an industry has sprung up around baby yoga classes. One of the known benefits of yoga for babies is better digestion and less colic. Baby yoga is similar to the basic Baby Fart Aerobics routine.

Baby longs for the human touch
But there are also other benefits to performing gas / poop relief techniques on DVD. In addition to alleviating the symptoms of baby colic, you are also giving your baby something that he really craves; your touch.

Why does your baby long for your touch? Think about it? She was constantly curled up inside your womb. Reminding her of your time as a fetus helps calm her down. Some studies even show that it helps your baby grow!

In 1982, studies conducted by Dr. Tiffany Field on premature babies who were massaged in front of premature babies did not give surprising results. For fifteen minutes a day, the nurses massaged a group of premature babies. They performed the massage routine three times a week for ten days. This group of premature babies gained 47% more weight than the “no massage” group. Even better, the preterm babies who received massage were delivered almost a week earlier than the preterm “non-massaged” babies.

Infant massage has a similar effect on full-term babies. Massaging just 15 minutes a day can help your baby

  • cry less and
  • be more alert,
  • gain weight faster,
  • be less stressed.

So if you’ve tried everything to ease your baby’s colic, but haven’t really thought about trying infant massage, how can a little Baby Fart Aerobics hurt?

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