Refurbished iPhones are loved because they are cheaper and therefore much more affordable compared to their brand new counterparts. These are phones that have had previous owners, but the manufacturer has kept them up to date by improving their quality and making them ready for the market again. Aside from the fact that refurbished iPhones save money due to their affordable prices, they have other advantages that make them popular.

Refurbished iPhones come with brand new components with the understanding that their problem areas have been analyzed and worked on. Faulty parts are also replaced and better ones installed so that the phone works as good as a new one.

· The software of refurbished phones is reliable. The developers handle all the above flaws making sure all areas are addressed, so you get more reliable software and hardware too.

Because Apple refurbished iPhones are available through approved sellers, they tend to be more reliable compared to buying a used phone from a friend. Approved sellers are in close contact with the manufacturer, so they have better control and accountability. Your purchase is much safer when you buy refurbished compared to buying used.

No doubt refurbished phones have a number of advantages and you may want to consider getting one especially if you have lost your old phone or it got damaged and you don’t have the money to buy a new phone which can be expensive. But even when shopping for a refurbished phone, there are critical areas of the phone that you need to pay attention to.

Battery duration – Even though iPhones come with impressive battery life that can handle over 7 hours of talk time when new, continued use weakens the battery. Find out how many hours of use the phone has had and consider if the battery has been replaced. A refurbished phone whose battery has been replaced is a much better option because it will easily meet your needs.

screen damage – It is also important to watch out for any visible damage to the screen. iPhones have extremely hard glass screens, but if the phone doesn’t have a screen protector, then it’s very possible that the screen has minor scratches. It is important to remember that such scratches can interfere with proper reading of the screen and can also have an effect on the responsiveness of applications on the touch screen. It’s best to choose a refurbished phone that has a new screen or a screen that you can rely on for visibility and overall performance.

memory capacity – Older versions of the iPhone have little memory, so it is very important that you find out the memory size of the phone before you buy it. The memory should be big enough for you to perform all the tasks and also have an easy time to store the apps you are interested in. Evaluate your needs and compare them to memory size before finally making your purchase.

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