It makes sense to walk away from negative emotions or thoughts that don’t serve us, but why would we want to walk away out of courage? Doesn’t that sound like a nice place to hang out? When we feel brave, we feel like we can achieve or manifest almost anything.

Feeling courage allows us to be more conscious and deliberately make changes in our lives. Our energy is high, we feel positive. We can be flexible, creative, open. Our mental images are full of what we can do and how we can share our gifts with others. We are motivated and efficient, and are often affable and find the humor in situations.

This is the fun of courage. We are brave all the time and we don’t even realize it. Releasing and moving through negative or low level emotional states has been brave. Every time we answer “yes” to questions about releasing our feelings, we are tapping into courage. And actually, courage is our natural state. We can access it even when we forget it’s there.

If we feel detached from an outcome, we are free to just be, to act without worry or anxiety. We visualize that everything follows our path. We feel harmonious. So why in the world would we want to go through the Sedona Method? []and release it? It seems silly, right?

Something amazing happens when you release a positive emotion. When you let it go, you allow it to get better. We all have an infinite supply of positive emotions and feelings waiting for us. Positive emotions get stronger when we release them, while weaker negative emotions simply weaken when we release them.

Think about a time when you felt brave. ask yourself:

  1. Can I welcome this feeling?
  2. Can I let it go?
  3. Would I let it go?
  4. When?

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