Microwave popcorn is so easy that it can sometimes be boring to eat the same kind of popcorn over and over again. However, now you can get a little creative and use a few simple ingredients in your kitchen to make colored microwave popcorn. This is easy too, but at least you won’t get bored eating popcorn of the same color while sitting in front of your favorite TV show.

Make microwave popcorn as you normally would. If you want to use butter as part of the coloring process, opt for the no-butter brand of popcorn. Once you’ve finished popping the corn kernels, empty the packet into a bowl.

At this point, you may be tempted to do a lot in a few. Stop that temptation right away, as you’ll have more fun eating colored microwave popcorn.

Use the food coloring of your choice and then combine the coloring with a corresponding dried herb or spice from your kitchen. For example, you can combine red food coloring with paprika, green food coloring with dried chives or parsley, and yellow food coloring with curry powder. If you like sweet popcorn, you can use gelatin or drink mixes to make your popcorn sweet and also give it different colors, such as purple, pink, or lime green.

Melt the required amount of butter in a pan and add a couple of drops of the food coloring. Make sure the butter is unsalted. Stir well. For the colored butter on the popcorn. Mix the popcorn well to make sure it is coated with the butter. Sprinkle some of the corresponding herb or spice to add a unique flavor to your colored popcorn. Check the intensity of the color. If it’s too light, add a little more melted butter with food coloring or a little more spices or herbs.

Be careful adding food coloring to melted butter, as adding too much will make microwave popcorn inedible. Be easy with that. Also, it is better to use freshly chopped or ground herbs instead of dried herbs. When using flavored drink mixes or gelatin, be careful how much you use to make sure the popcorn doesn’t turn out too sweet. Add the mixture gradually and continue to taste the butter until you get the desired color and flavor.

As you can see, it is very easy to make colored microwave popcorn. All you need is some time to make this unique and delicious snack.

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