Normally, when you have your friends gathered at your party, you can’t suggest playing Truth or Dare right away. Also, you must not Receive them at the door and challenge them with a challenge right away!

In fact, there is one exception where you could. If your friends are close enough and have played Truth or Dare with you at the party regularly, you can use this as an original party theme for a change and start all over again.

But overall, it elegantly presents the game from another perspective.

The easiest way is to watch a Truth or Dare video together with your friends. It can be any interesting and funny video that you have found on YouTube. Then simply challenge someone in the group, such as the bravest, to a moderate truth and then to a moderate challenge.

Everything can go from there. Get ready by searching for a video on YouTube before the party starts. When everyone is ready at the party, show the video! Everyone loves to watch a funny video when sitting at a party, so this may lighten things up a bit.

When discussing this challenge and the mood seems to heat up, just add a challenging comment along the line of

“Would you never do that? I know you’ve done worse!”

Just challenge them out of nowhere with any ridiculous challenge: “I dare you to take off your shoes and socks and put your socks on the face of the person sitting next to you!”

Don’t be too harsh and check the person’s shoes and socks beforehand.

Use fun challenge ideas like

  • “I dare you to eat seven marshmallows at once”
  • “I dare you to empty that glass of beer at once”

If the person is still doubting, allow him a way to step back and suggest a question about Truth.

Without actually saying that you will be playing a teen game like Truth or Dare, you just convinced everyone to play the truth or dare in a lighthearted way.

Finally, when everyone laughs out loud at some stupid action, they will start demanding more: “give me a challenge!“Some may just pitch a good idea for a challenge, and you can just give it to the next person in the group, in this way involving everyone.

Be sure to prepare to have some fun challenge ideas and embarrassing, truth-telling questions ready, and then the ball will be rolling.

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