Bra adjustments can be a stressful process, especially if it’s your first experience. You are standing in the changing room with your bra, usually fluorescently lit so that every lump, lump, and skin flaw glares at you, while a professional fitter flits around discussing what’s good or bad about the bra you’re wearing. . To ease some of the stress and anxiety about the bra fitting experience, follow these “Dos and Don’ts” designed to help you feel comfortable and happy with the fitting process.

Don’t come to a test after a meal, especially if it’s a big one. Your body will feel bloated, and if you ate a high-sodium meal, you may be retaining water. Bra bands will feel uncomfortably tight even if they’re the size you should buy, and the prospect of looking in the mirror quickly becomes overwhelming.

Similarly, do not adjust during menstruation. Unless you are shopping for a bra specifically for that time of the month, do not fit because the band and cup size measurement may be larger than you would need for everyday wear.

In fact, plan to get in shape when you’re relaxed, in a good mood, and have plenty of time. Depending on how crowded the store is, you could be there for thirty minutes to an hour, and if you’re in a rush to get home or stressed from work, you’ll be less inclined to try on multiple bras and more critical of what you wear. Feeling upset or rushed is a sure way to get frustrated.

Leave behind anyone who is not interested in being there during the test. Your good mood counts for nothing if the person you brought with you is bored, disinterested, or impatient. If possible, leave young children at home and only bring your spouse if you are comfortable sitting in the lingerie department and giving feedback.

To streamline the process, write down what you need and want in a bra. Consider not only what you need in terms of your wardrobe (lots of light colored shirts will translate into more flesh toned or white bras), but also what you want the bra to give you, for example full coverage , neckline, side support, etc. If you tell a fit person “never mind”, she will show you many different styles when she should limit her focus. Also, wear or bring a sample of your frequently used clothing to ensure that what you buy will work for most of your clothing.

However, do not be inflexible with what you need or want and listen to the advice of the installer. For example, higher cup sizes often eliminate certain styles of bras, meaning you may need to compromise to find a bra that fits you perfectly. For example, many women hope to find a foam cup bra to wear with tops, but often the breast tissue does not “fill” the cups as it should and instead falls to the bottom or center of the cup. Sometimes it’s better to buy something like Dimrs and go for a non-foam bra.

To that end, don’t forgo a bra for how it looks on the hanger. Some bras have great hanger appeal, but they work for only a few people, while other bras are less visually interesting but exceed your expectations.

For adjustment, wear the bra that fits you best. The better a bra fits you, the easier it is to quickly determine your size and what will work for you. In some cases, all it takes is a few minor adjustments, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about what the installer is doing and why it is important. The more informed you become about how bras work and what styles are perfect for you, the more painless it will be to make future purchases.

Bring a basic t-shirt or tank with you. When you look in the mirror with just a bra, it can be difficult to know how much lift you are getting and if you like the way the bra looks. Because tops are less forgiving, they allow you to see your new silhouette so you can decide if the bra is right for you. Also, if you are buying a bra for a special garment, bring it with you so you can see what the bra looks like with the item before purchasing.

Finally, do not wear a perfume or wear makeup on your chest. Makeup can stain bras and perfume can leave a lingering odor that can irritate the next person who tries the product.

Follow these tips and your first (or next) bra should be a smooth process.

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