DPF Cleaning Machine Easy to Use

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device that was created to reduce the amount of pollution produced by the diesel engine. The filter is designed to capture and store soot, then convert it into ash over time. The ash will eventually build up inside the DPF and restrict exhaust flow. This is why diesel engines need regular cleaning.

Most of these filters are sealed so they can only be cleaned by using special adapters. They are also not easily welded so it is necessary to have special equipment to clean them.

Luckily, we have a range of dpf cleaning machine that are easy to use and are available at competitive prices for parts distributors, diesel repair shops and fleets. They are also very effective and will provide a great ROI for your business.

Is a DPF Cleaning Machine Easy to Use?

A DPF cleaner is a machine that uses a specific process to remove the soot from a diesel particulate filter. A diesel particulate filter is an essential component of any diesel engine, as they are meant to prevent the emission of harmful particles that can cause air quality problems.

The filter is usually installed in a vehicle and is designed to be cleaned periodically, this is a maintenance process that keeps your diesel engine running well. When a filter is cleaned it removes the built up ash which restricts exhaust flow and reduces emissions.

There are two main types of carbon cleaning machine, aqueous and thermal. Aqueous systems are generally considered more expensive but they are highly effective, the main difference being that water is used to flush the debris out of the filter rather than baking it.

In order to avoid damaging the filter, it is important that aqueous systems do not saturate the filter with water which can damage the cell wall structures. To ensure this does not happen, the aqueous system is designed with a continuous low-pressure / high-volume water stream which allows the water to navigate around the cell wall structures.

Unlike the bake and blow method, this system does not require a large space to set up and it is able to bake multiple filters at once. It is also designed to keep the outside of the filter safe from direct contact as it is heated.

The aqueous system is also much more efficient than the thermal system as the hot air is used to dry the filter after baking rather than to heat the water for the baking. This saves a lot of energy and means you can clean more filters per hour than with a thermal system.

Another unique feature is the ability to control the temperature and pressure of the water, which helps ensure the best possible results. The aqueous system is not only more efficient than the thermal system it is also better for your environment.

We have a number of DPF cleaning packages that include aqueous and thermal systems to suit your needs. If you are unsure which package would be the most beneficial for your business, please contact our sales department. They will be happy to help.

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