When the time to travel out of the station approaches, we gather all the important and less important things in our lives assuming that anything could be a necessity at some point in our trip. When it is time to pack our bags the day before our trip, that’s when we realize that we have exceeded our luggage limit. We use our discrimination and begin to eliminate some things that we feel are trivial. We make our luggage enough to travel. During our comfortable journey, we realized how sensitive we were in removing extra luggage. Only then do we realize the true essence of ‘Less baggage; more comfort.

Similarly, in our stay of Life, we continue to collect extra baggage from ‘Desires’. They continue to increase and therefore our stress and anxiety to fulfill those desires. Do we ever contemplate how to reduce our desires? The less baggage of desires we have, the more comfort we experience outside of it. Each piece of luggage called ‘wish’ adds to our already stress list. The multiplication of each desire leads to the swelling of greed in ourselves.

We are willing to reduce our desires, but how do we control the desire to reduce our unlimited desires? Let your life be comfortable enough to live in peace, but don’t lead a luxurious life. When the desire to acquire something arises in you, think with your heart rather than with your mind and body. Ask yourself if you really need it. Is your wish a prestigious necessity or comfort? Let your conscience define the true meaning of need and then let your life move forward.

It is only with less baggage of wishes, you can lead a comfortable life of ‘Peace’. With his life driving like this, he will remain in everyone’s heart forever. May your desire not be to meet their needs, but to help those in need. Keep treasuring your baggage of ‘goodness’ and ‘service attitude’ so that the great Lord will treasure you in His heart.

“Carry the baggage of goodness in your heart and let your life be free of burdens.”

-Sharmila Sanka

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