Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Liquid nitrogen is an extremely cold, odorless and colorless liquid that is used for a variety of applications. It is also a key ingredient in cryogenics, where scientists study the effects of extreme temperatures on materials.

A liquid nitrogen dewar is a specialized type of vacuum flask, which is designed to store cryogenics (such as liquid nitrogen and liquid helium) at their lowest possible temperature. These liquids are typically stored at a boiling point of -196C or lower to maintain their low-temperature condition for long periods of time.

These vessels are constructed from a combination of metals, polymers and other materials that can withstand the high temperatures associated with liquid nitrogen. They are typically available in several types, including open-top dewars and self-pressurizing tanks.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar – A liquid nitrogen dewar is a specialized type of vacuum flask

Some models are designed for use at a laboratory tabletop with a lid and handle for easy handling and transport. Others are free-standing systems that are ideal for long-term storage within a cryogenic environment, such as laboratory freezers.

The lids of these containers have a vacuum seal to minimize the rate at which the contents boil away and protect the container’s interior from heat. Some containers even feature ultrasonic level monitors to help maintain the proper low-temperature conditions for samples.

These dewars are based on a proven design and construction to provide a range of capacities to meet individual laboratory storage and liquid nitrogen handling needs. These vessels are equipped with quality borosilicate glass inserts protected by either polypropylene or metal cases and are suitable for use in laboratories, pharmaceutical labs and medical facilities.

For easy handling, these dewars are fabricated from double-walled borosilicate glass, evacuated to 10-5 and covered with a protective mesh that enables a firm grip and provides increased protection against bumping. A sturdy aluminum base extends the full height of these dewars, and protected vacuum tip-off tubulations are offset to the side to minimize space between dewar bottoms and magnetic stirrers.

Handle these containers carefully to avoid damage or spillage of liquid nitrogen. Rough handling of these dewars can result in the loss of vacuum, damage to the contents inside and potentially serious injury.

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Transfer liquid nitrogen from LD series dewars safely and efficiently with the LD Series Liquid Withdrawal Device (LWD) or a standard cryogenic hose connected to the dewar’s outlet. This device clamps directly to the special neck flange on LD series dewars and allows pressure transfers of up to 8 liters per minute.

LD series dewars are designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen in material science and biological cryo labs. They come in a variety of shapes, from a beaker style dewar with a wide mouth (LD5) to a pitcher-style model for easy pouring (LD4).


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The LD Series offers a range of liquid nitrogen dewars, including LD25, LD35 and LD50 dewars with specially designed pouring spouts. The LD Series liquid dewars are designed to store and dispense a maximum of 25 liters or more of liquid nitrogen at -196C or less.