We found that some of those who purchased COD 2 were facing a specific error. The exact situation was that when the game is opened, I get an error message saying “This application could not be started because Mss32.dll was not found. Reinstalling this application may fix this problem.”

Below are the solutions to resolve this COD 2 error:

1. Reinstall the game.

2. Delete invalid registry entries

3. Reinstall the .dll file

in. Copy Mss32.dll from the Call of Duty installation CD ROM

B. Copy the file from the System32 directory

vs. Install a third-party program using the Mss32.dll file

4.Update the audio card driver

5. Make a provision of free disk space

The error appears because a required file is not present in one or both of the following locations: Call of Duty 2 installation directory and C: Windows System32 directory.


As the error notification describes, the file no longer exists on your system. It can be moved, deleted or renamed.

It is recommended to reinstall the entire game and try again:

1. Click Start | Control Panel.

2. Double-click Add / Remove Programs, or Programs | Uninstall a program.

3. Select COD 2 from the list of installed programs and then click the Uninstall button.

4. Follow the instructions and restart the machine after finishing.

Delete invalid Call of Duty 2 registry entries

Like other games, COD 2 also stores its settings in the registry. The information is stored in a systematic and structured way in the form of log entries and is retrieved when necessary.

Unfortunately, there are so many cases that we have seen where the registry entries are incorrectly modified by other programs or the game itself. Therefore, removing junk entries becomes important. Download registry repair software and get the job done automatically.

Reinstall the file

Reinstalling the Mss32.dll file may fix this problem. There are three options to reinstall this file:

Copy of the Call of Duty 2 installation CD ROM

You will find this file on the CD ROM that you used to install the game. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Insert the installation disc.

2. Open My Computer.

3. Press the F3 key on your keyboard to load the search function.

4. Type Mss32.dll in the search box.

5. Press ENTER.

6. In the search results, right-click the Mss32.dll file and select the Copy option. It is usually stored in the SETUP Data directory.

7. Paste the file in the directory where COD 2 is installed.

8. Paste the same file in the C: Windows System32 directory.

9. Restart the game.

Copy from the System32 directory

If that file is not present on your game’s installation disc, simply copy it from the C: Windows System32 directory to the folder where the game is originally installed.

Install a third-party program

Like Call of Duty, some other programs are using this file as well. If the Mss32.dll file is not present in the above locations, you can reinstall another program using this file. For example, Winamp.

Update the audio card driver

After reinstalling the Mss32.dll file, I sometimes get another error called “The procedure entry point _AIL_set_speaker_configuration @ 16 …”

Indicates that the sound drivers are outdated and should be updated immediately. You can download your sound drivers for free from the website of the respective sound card manufacturer.

Provision of free disk space

COD 2 requires an amount of free disk space to be needed at run time. If that free disk space is not available, the game often crashes with the Mss32.dll error.

Download a PC optimizer and disk cleaning software and click System Cleaner | Cleansed.

The most important thing

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