Today I want to talk about an issue that impacts us all, specifically grief, death and dying in relation to the experience of a regression to past lives. I think death is something that clearly impacts all of us, we are not just born knowing that eventually we will have to give up these bodies and move on, and die. But we also know that this will happen to the people around us, to our loved ones. And pain is a very difficult thing to deal with in human form. We love people, we are connected to them and then they have to leave us in physical form. In my experience, they are still around us, only in spiritual form. But we cannot hug them, or see them, or be with them physically. So that separation can be very difficult.

I myself became involved in doing this work and spiritual life coaching through my own journey of healing my grief after losing my mother when I was very young. So I know firsthand how difficult it is to accept these losses and see the bigger picture of our existence, and the existence of others as well. We have spoken before about soulmates, that we come here and connect with these other people in physical form. And these connections can be very powerful. As human beings, we yearn for connection, it is ingrained in our DNA to want to connect with other people and build these relationships, families.

One of the things that happens during a past life regression is that you encounter your own immortality firsthand. Seeing yourself in a different body, or in a different form, you could even be of a different gender, or ethnicity is very powerful. You can literally see that who you are is not your body. And that there is a part of you that exists before life and therefore will exist after life, it can be a very powerful and healing experience. And you may see other people with you in your past lives that you were together with before, and they may have already left or transitioned beyond this earthly plane, but seeing them in your past life can help you know what to do. in fact you will see them again. .

And so it doesn’t take away the pain, we still miss them and wish they were here, but it adds a layer of understanding that there is a spiritual dimension and a realm that exists around us. And know the truth: that our loved ones stay connected to us for many lifetimes. A past life regression can be a powerful vehicle for healing the grief around death, dying, and loss.

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