Canadians working abroad have many opportunities to grow and advance their careers, a fact that significantly affects their decision to go abroad. Whether you’re staying in the Commonwealth, going to the states, or traveling to distant lands, there are a number of good reasons to find employment outside the country.

1. Living abroad provided opportunities for adventure and personal growth.

At the end of their lives, very few people regret traveling too much or seeing too many foreign countries. Living and working abroad provides opportunities to experience different cultures and gain a broader perspective on world events. Canadians working abroad are more versatile and attractive to future employers because their resumes show a level of self-motivation and perseverance that other job seekers may lack. People working abroad have demonstrated a level of motivation that will set them apart from other people in their field.

2. The Commonwealth makes it extraordinarily easy.

While the British Empire is no longer what it once was, Commonwealth citizens have an advantage when it comes to traveling to other member nations. A United States citizen may have an easy time working in one of the territories, but find it much more difficult to obtain the necessary documentation to start a career in New Zealand, for example. Countries from South America and Africa are members, as are Australia and India. In total, there are 53 member states, including several islands in the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Canadians working abroad can find employers in any of these areas.

3. You gain additional skills abroad.

Canadians working abroad have the opportunity to hone different language skills and learn to adapt to a diverse environment with new challenges. Depending on the country and the type of industry, there may be unique regulations or a completely different cultural approach to the situations you face. For those who ultimately want to prepare for managerial roles, it helps to broaden their horizons by looking at how background and personal dispositions affect attitudes on the job. The ability to take care of yourself in a wide range of settings, even in completely new parts of the world, will tell future employers that you need less help than your peers.

4. It’s great for family and friends.

Sure, taking children out of school can be a difficult adjustment, but those who attend school in different parts of the world experience a more inclusive education. Other families may take their children on a week-long vacation once a year, but yours may have the opportunity to learn deeply about other cultures for years. Traveling can be a transformative experience, especially for young people. Also, friendships formed elsewhere can be lasting ties regardless of whether the family eventually returns to Canada. Back home, the whole family is equipped with interesting stories of life in distant lands, which can be a way to entertain new friends.

Ultimately, Canadians working abroad enjoy many benefits beyond those available to domestically employed individuals.

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