In these two adventures called life and existence, there is a reality that we all should think about and some even think behind its curtain: That reality is God, not religion or religious thought. Sure, this article will seem to read “A, B, C, D” to some in exact alphabetical order, but I’m sure there will be parts worth reading as I write this around the Easter holidays.

This existence and this life are so complex that a genuinely intelligent source started them and genuinely intelligent sources of order keep them going. That is my genuine opinion of God in a “nutshell” reality, and to anyone who believes that science or the “big bang” have anything above this reality is in the whole piece food conspiracy theory.

Sure, there are many who can really argue with the above statement. But, I will say it as my Father/Earthly Father used to say it. “Scientist, if he is genuinely above God, he creates dirt from scratch without test tubes or tricks of the trade.” That statement, as simple and reasonable as it is, exactly captures my point and the whole point of this article: something sacred and genuinely infinitely more powerful than the best of human machinations is at work in existence, life, the universe, and everything.

Now, I do not venture to say or imply that God did or did not have a source or is an independent source. I say that until we understand and reach the final pedagogical teaching that we need to learn, and achieve mastery, there will always be something above us in philosophy, reality and understanding. Until then, my dad’s simple statement about scientific thinking genuinely applies to everything in reality. Unless there is mastery, everything else is nothing. So I will venture to say that Mastery of the total type is God Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness and nothing else will replace it or suffice.

I don’t know if I mentioned “the secret that genuinely transmutes or changes lead into gold” in the mentioned realities. Although I will say this to bring this article to a good end: if we can persist, understand and work, genuine mastery is possible. If we give up too early or cheat the wrong way, nothing really happens except final disappointment. I mention those realities not as a panacea or panacea, but in harmony with the basic, realistic understanding that works universally in nature for all who seek to understand and master reality, really in an honest, not dishonest way.

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