The iPad has taken the market by storm and technical experts are truly amazed with its performance and compatibility with other networks. It offers quality results at an affordable price, and there seems to be a need for such a device. But only after Apple hit the market with its iPad did others realize the potential of the market and are planning strategies to take advantage of their untapped market.

We all know by now that the iPad is basically a device that bridges the gap between the iPod touch and laptops. The features provided by iPads are very useful and are being used by many people. Its compatibility with all other networks has made it the most user-friendly and acceptable product on the market. Due to its small size and weight it is also very easy to handle and take anywhere. Any user should not worry about its maintenance because it is built by Apple. The iPad is also surprisingly tough, I saw a video where the iPad was being attacked by a baseball bat, but it took a few hits before it took any real damage.

The iPad offers more than 140,000 applications, including the I-book reading function and also works on Mac 2. Its camera connection kit helps its users import photos from an SD memory card or camera. Another feature is the availability of a traditional keyboard. The user also does not require any cellular contract; however, if you decide to get the iPad 3G, you can get a contract that will allow you to surf the web wherever you are.

If you decide to buy an iPad, you will be amazed at the technology and its amazing features.

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