A dart board is a great accessory for any game room or home bar, but how do you decide among the myriad of electronic and bristle dart boards on sale? Do you prefer a traditional bristle dartboard or go for a modern electronic dartboard? This article outlines the qualities of the different types of dartboards, to help you make that decision. Whatever you decide, your new dart board is sure to provide your friends and family with hours of entertainment for years to come. Being able to play darts in your own home is so much fun!

Quality bristle dartboards are made from African sisal fibers, which have the unique ability to self-heal or close each time the darts are removed from the surface, so there will be no visible holes in the dart tips. A properly made board will be a regulation size 18 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick. Good features to look for include swivel cable numbers, which help extend the life of a board, and staple-free bull’s-eye cables to help eliminate bounce. To play on a bristle board you will need steel tip darts. Dartboards can be mounted to a backboard or displayed in a specially designed cabinet to protect surrounding walls from being hit by misfired darts.

Electronic dart boards are becoming more and more popular and use the latest technology to enable automatic scoring, multiplayer score display, sound effects and a huge variety of different games. Most have playing surfaces that require players to use soft tip darts, which have the advantage of being softer and safer for younger members of the family. Some modern versions have a specially adapted surface that is suitable for both types of darts, depending on your personal preferences and throwing techniques. Most electronic boards allow a single player to play against the computer, which is great for practicing your skills.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, and other factors should also be considered, such as what your dartboard will look like and how it will blend in with your decor. But whether you opt for a traditional bristle board for that authentic look, or go for the helpful added features of an electronic board, you’re sure to have hours of darts-playing fun!

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