Face the fact that there are a lot of women out there. And if everyone is competing to get the attention of a handsome man, then they must be one notch higher than their competitors. Here’s how to beat your unworthy opponent:

A pretty face is still preferred

Men will always have an eye for beauty, physical beauty. And while most would say they seek inner beauty, their nature says otherwise. Men are visual creatures and will always have the urge to look at things (or people) that exude beauty.

Confidence is one of the most admirable traits

Shyness will never get you anywhere. If you want to hook the best guy, then you better be prepared to show some self-confidence. Being confident means showing off your strengths and assets.

A true kitchen diva

No woman should apologize for cooking, especially those looking to have a meaningful relationship. Men fall in love with women who can cook good meals for them. If you are good at cooking, then you have a great advantage with those who are not.

Emotionally intelligent

Too often intelligence is said to be one of the traits men seek. This is only half true. The point to be said is that men are looking for women who can behave in a way that radiates intelligence. And more than book lovers, those who attract the attention of children are those who have a strong control of their emotions and who are sure of themselves that no obstacle can bring them down.

In good mood

A woman who is innately good is sure to catch the eye of any man. She is the one who is genuinely kind and has a heart for all kinds of people. She is the one who sees the blessings in the midst of trials.

Free of spirit

Guys drool over an independent woman. Although they sometimes want to feel like they are rescuing you like a damsel in distress, men often prefer women who can take care of themselves. Men would also line up for you and constantly feel your mystery if you are available at times and unavailable for a few days.

Adaptability will make it a profitable product

If you know that you like his interests and activities, then you will really love him for it. Guys love women who are flexible enough to hold a little dirt or who can run for miles with them. They like the guy who, although feminine, is able to walk, swim and roll in the mud.

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