You have a beautiful rug in your living room or dining room and you accidentally find a wax stain on it. If you are a carpet lover, this could be frustrating for you if you are a carpet lover as wax stains are tough and difficult to remove. These may be difficult for you to address, but don’t worry, we have your back.

We have two simple and professional methods that you can use yourself to remove noticeable wax stains.

1. Freezing method

1. a. Solidifies wax stains for added comfort.

Allow the stained area to solidify. You can do this using an ice pack. Just place it on top of the wax and let it solidify. This process will help you remove stains easily.

You can do this using an ice pack or frozen meat. Anything you have on hand will do the job for you. All you need to do is solidify the wax stains.

1 B. Use a butter knife or spatula or spoon to poke at the stains.

It is the top layer that you should focus on. The best part about wax stains is that they are only on the top layer, so if you can get rid of them; he has done his job successfully.

Use a butter knife or spoon to remove the top layer. Keep in mind that you need to do this carefully and carefully as you can damage the pile of rugs if you try hard to do so. You just need to gently and carefully remove as many stains as possible (for remaining stains, opt for method 2 of melting the wax and ironing on it).

1 C. Use a carpet cleaner or cleaning solvent.

Now use a carpet cleaner or cleaning solvent to clean the fibers of any wax residue. Dip a clean white cloth in cleaning solvent and rub over the stained area. Now use another clean white cloth with cold water to soak up any wax residue. Repeat the process until you find no wax residue.

1. d. Vacuum to recover the original texture of the fibers.

After such severe treatment, it is obvious that the fibers lose their original state. It is recommended to vacuum properly to recover its original texture.

2. Fusion method

2. a. Use a paper bag to cover the wax stains.

You should use a paper bag or a normal grocery bag and place it over the affected area. Be sure to place a cloth under a part of the bag that is not affected by stains.

2. b. Now set the griddle settings to low heat

Make sure your iron’s setting is on low heat. Remember that you only want the heat to penetrate to the stains to saturate it and transfer it to the paper bag.

Little by little, once you start ironing, you will see that the paper bag absorbs the wax stains. Now slide over the bag to expose a new area of ​​the bag to stains. Continue the process until all of the wax is saturated in the paper bag.

2 C. Use cleaning solvent to remove any residue.

Use a clean white cloth and soak it in the cleaning solvent and begin the drying process on the affected area. Now use another rag and soak it in the cold water and start absorbing any residue.

2.d. Vacuum for a finishing touch

Vacuum properly over the affected area to regain the original texture of the pile.

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