Data science is the most popular career option students are pursuing today. To become such a fashionable career option, it must have a wide range of benefits, scope, and application. In this article, I will discuss about the different applications in the real world.

Search engines and digital advertising

All popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Use data science algorithms to deliver the best results you want in no time. Without its algorithms, search engines could not provide thousands of results in a few seconds. It is also used for digital marketing. From digital billboards to various digital display banners used on different websites. These digital ads can be created based on past user behavior and algorithms in data science help to record those past user behaviors and then provide that information to create a new ad that can influence the user. effectively. It also acts as a recommendation system, as it records data and provides results according to the recorded data. Large companies such as Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, and many more use these algorithms to provide users with the product they need.

Image and speech recognition

When a user uploads their image to some social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, they are provided with an automatic mechanized tag suggestion feature. This feature uses data science algorithms for labeling and facial recognition. It also provides some advanced search functions such as searching for different images by simply uploading a similar image so that the user does not have to know the details of the image to find it, otherwise they can upload the image to the search engine. and it will give different results similar to the uploaded image. This feature uses facial recognition algorithms provided in data science. It is also used for the voice recognition function. Converts the words spoken by a person into text. The speech recognition system is a secondary part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is included in data science. Popular AI products like Siri and Cortona use this feature to perform the given task.

Delivery logistics

Popular companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. use data science to update and improve your efficiency to operate. It can be used to find the best possible routes for shipping; the best time to deliver the products, the best possible mode of transportation which also helps to reduce the total cost of the company. Furthermore, the data that these companies generate with the help of the GPS they use can be explored to a great extent with the help of data science.

Risk and fraud detection

Businesses have started using data science to save themselves from the losses and bad debts they face every year. Over the years, financial institutions have learned the ways to divide and then conquer through different methods, such as customer profiling, past expense analysis, and other important factors to verify the likelihood of fraud. and risk. It has also helped financial institutions promote banking products based on customer purchasing power.

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